1. Where is Original Decor Premium product from?
  • ODP products are exclusively from Europe. especially brand of Mr. Perswall, ECO Collection & Borastapeter .
2. What is the standard size of the wallpaper? Can we customize the design and size?

Non-digital Wallpaper :

  1. Eco Collection
  • Width (cm) : 53
  • Length (m): 10.05
  1. Borastapeter
  • Width (cm) : 53
  • Length (m): 10.05 (Except Borosan Collection is 11.20 m)

Digital Wallpaper :

  • Different designs come with different size. Please check from product page

Yes, we do customization wallpaper in term on design & size to customers.

3. What is the characteristic of the wallpaper?
  • Our wallpapers are made by non-woven material. It is the latest technology and trend material been used in Europe countries.
  • What is non-woven material? Is the wallpaper environmentally friendly? What are the features of the material?

Yes, our wallpaper are…

  • No PVC, No harmful solvents.
  • Paper from world’s most environmentally friendly forestry operations
  • All the printing inks and surface layer in wallpaper are water-based

–          Going through special water treatment facility.

4. How to use the wallpaper calculator?

Step 1: Measure the width and height of your wall. Then, fill in the measurement into wallpaper calculator.

1 foot=  12 inches.
Width of wall = 12 feet + 3 inches = 12 feet + (3/12) = 12.25 feet (ft)
Height of wall = 10feet + 6 inches = 10 feet + (6/12) = 10.5 feet (ft)


Step 2. Click “CALCULATE” to estimate the recommended number of rolls of wallpaper required for your wall.

Recommended number of rolls = Width (ft) x height (ft) / Practical Coverage Per Roll (sqft)
Wallpaper selected as your living area feature wall with 12.25ft width and 10.5ft height.
So, recommended number of rolls = 12.25ft x10.5ft / 45ft = 2.86 rolls = 3 rolls


Step 3. Click “RESET” to reset before using the wallpaper calculator for calculation of other walls.



5. Do you supply and install? What is the delivery timing?
  •  Yes, we do provide supply and install service. The delivery timing is 7 to 10 working days for standard design & size.
6. Do you provide site visit before we confirmed the order?
  • Yes, we do site visit & take measurement of the site for supply & install.
7. Do you have any authorised dealer @ outstation?
  • Yes, Please visit contact page, for dealers location.
8. Where to get the latest design of product & news?
9. Where to download ODP wallpaper JPEG file ?

You can download from the below dropbox link:-

  •  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wgnc3dj6yw1vygm/AAAnmXaYjr-RcR029BWQMKsQa?n=327053267